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Anastassia Zabrodskaja

Tallinn University
Room: N-430

Phone: +372 619 9578
Mobile: +37255659113
E-mail: anastassia.zabrodskaja....at....tlu.ee
Available: please contact me to confirm my availabilities.

Job responsibilites

  • I teach the courses on Intercultural Communication in the frame of the master programme Communication Management. Also I act as the curator of the Communication Management programme.
  • Also I am the person in charge of the management of the EMICC (European Master in Intercultural Communication) program in Tallinn University.

Research Areas

  • 2. Culture and Society, 2.6. Philology and Linguistics, H360 Applied linguistics, foreign languages teaching, sociolinguistics (intercultural communication, identity, ethnolinguistic vitality, linguistic landscape, language contacts, code-switching)