Inimkond Festival: Hadas Weiss

When: 26.04.2018, at 18:15-19:45
Place: Tallinna Ülikool, A-325

On 26 April to 3 May, Inimkond Festival: Explore the Human Experience takes place at Tallinn University.

The first event is on Thursday, 26 April at 18:15 in room A-325. The speaker is Hadas Weiss, anthropologist working at the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology in Germany. His talk in entitled
Financial Education in Germany: The Social Logic of Financial Agency

Financial education initiatives for children and teenagers in Germany advance a financial agency in which independence and adulthood are identified with contractual rights and obligations and their responsible application. They naturalize this identification by anchoring it in personality and in the household. ​ 
​Drawing on ​my fieldwork thereof, I demonstrate this ethnographically to argue that such agency is designed to encourage judicious management of purchases and debt in a way that would minimize claims on the public purse and maximize the potential profitability of household resources; thereby optimizing the circulation of capital in support of social reproduction in the context of finance-led accumulation.
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More information: Eeva Kesküla (eeva.keskula....at....tlu.ee)