Tallinn University Press publishes academic and intellectual literature. Since its establishment, the aim of Tallinn University has been to gather and transmit vital, relevant knowledge, and to support its community of academics and students. The main goals of Tallinn University Press are to tap the potential of the intellectual community associated with Tallinn University and to sustain and intensify its activity through publishing high-level academic literature.

An editorial board of twelve prominent specialists directs, coordinates and consults with the University Press. Every series has an editorial board, which sometimes includes foreign members in order to assure the high quality of publications from an international perspective. An important task of the editorial board is to select experts to review the submitted texts. Constant quality control through peer reviews ensures that only worthwhile work is published under our trademark.

Acta Universitatis Tallinnensis

The Acta series is representative of all Tallinn University academic publishing. It contains monographs, compendiums (also Festschrifte), conference proceedings and other original texts. Conference proceedings should be comprised of thoroughly edited and reviewed compendiums of texts rather than simple transcriptions. Six Acta series – Humaniora, Socialia, Pedagogica, Realia et Naturalia, Vita Salubris and Artes – reflect the TLU departments (humanities, social sciences, educational sciences, natural sciences, health sciences and fine arts). They are colour-coded to identify the subject fields. Editorial boards select the publications for the Acta series.

Gigantum Humeris

The publications of this series ("on the shoulders of giants") have been compiled in collaboration with Tallinn University academics, and are appropriate for academic purposes. Gigantum Humeris is comprised of key translated texts and anthologies from various fields, with an emphasis on the 20th and 21st centuries, as well as original and translated textbooks. This series is targeted toward  university students, so the books have been reasonably priced. The series is colour-coded according to subject.


The Bibliotheca series is the most reader-friendly of the formats. It contains complete older texts as well as high quality translations of belles lettres that are attractive to a wider audience. Newer high-level non-academic texts as well as new editions of key texts can be published in this series. The subjects are not limited to specific areas (the series could include Bibliotheca Asiatica, Bibliotheca Philosophica, etc.), and all subjects are colour-coded.

Estonian Yearbook of Military History

Estonian Yearbook of Military History is an annual peer-reviewed journal of military history. Each issue focuses on a certain topic, which is always determined by the topic of the military history conference held by the Estonian War Museum – General Laidoner Museum the year before. The journal is usually divided in two parts, the first of which comprises the conference proceedings while in the second part papers adressing various other questions of military history can be found. Estonian Yearbook of Military History is a successor of Yearbook of Estonian War Museum – General Laidoner Museum (issued 2001–2007, ISSN 1406-7625).

Slavica Revalensia

Slavica Revalensia is a peer-reviewed academic journal in Russian and Slavic studies. SR is aimed at providing grounds for the exchange of ideas in the whole range of relevant subjects, such as Lingustics and Poetics, Russian Literature, Slavic Laguages, etc. Each volume is structured as follows: Issledovaniia i materialy [Articles], Kritika [Reviews], Bibliografiia [Bibliography]. The Editor-in-Chief is Grigori Utgof. The languages of Slavica Revalensia are Russian and English.

Studies of Transition States and Societies

’Studies of Transition States and Societies’ (STSS) is a fast-growing open-access interdisciplinary journal for the study of transition societies. Published since 2009 it is already indexed in Scopus, the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), EBSCO, ProQuest, Central and Eastern European Online Library (CEEOL) and the International Political Science Abstracts (IPSA). STSS aims to promote interdisciplinary exchange between scholars in all major field of the social sciences with emphasis to sociology and political science. The substantive focus of the journal is on the transitional societies, particularly on the societal and political changes in the post-socialist region. Still articles on other regions are considered as well to enrich the debate about transition in social sciences. The journal is published biannually whereas the spring issue combines articles of political science and papers in sociology are published in the fall. In addition, collections of articles about a common theme or debate are published as special issues.

East-West Studies

The peer-reviewed Journal of Social Sciences "EAST-WEST STUDIES" has been published since 2007 by Tallinn University Law School (up to 2010 former University Nord) and since 2015 by Tallinn University School of Governance, Law and Society. From 2015 onwards there is double-blind peer-review process for accepting the submissions. The journal is open for submission for scholars from around the world, the international editorial board consists of Estonian and foreign academics.

Baltic Screen Media Review

Baltic Screen Media Review is a peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to audiovisual arts and media from the Baltic Sea region.

Philologia Estonica Tallinnensis

Philologia Estonica Tallinnensis publishes contributions in all subdisciplines of linguistics and literary studies. Papers on teaching of Estonian language and literature as well as on linguistic communication are welcome. The languages of the journal are Estonian, Finnish and English. Philologia Estonica Tallinnensis, initially as Tallinna Ülikooli Eesti Keele ja Kultuuri Instituudi Toimetised have been published since 2004; the first issue appeared under the heading Tallinna Pedagoogikaülikooli eesti filoloogia osakonna toimetised. Papers in literary studies came out as a separate collection of articles, published by the Insitute. Since 2016 the journal is titled Philologia Estonica Tallinnensis.

Acta Politica Estica

Acta Politica Estica is an open access peer-reviewed journal that tries to provide a broad-based forum for the tradition of Estonian politics and governance analysis in all its diversity. The journal is published regularly once a year. In addition to the representatives of the traditional sub-disciplines of the analysis of politics and governance (public administration, political science, international relations), Acta Politica Estica also welcomes the contributions of other social scientists (including sociologists, economists, legal scholars, psychologists, demographers, educational researchers) and humanitarians (including linguists and literary scholars, contributions of culturologists, semioticians, historians, philosophers).