Info session for Finnish applicants

The info sessions take place on 15 July and participants will hear about our Bachelor's programmes taught in Tallinn and in Helsinki and about the admission process.

During the info session you will learn about what we have to offer, our application requirements and general admissions information. The duration of the info session is approximately one hour and there is also a possibility to ask questions.


  • 14:00 - 15:00 Info Session Why Tallinn University should be Your Plan A?

We will tell you about Tallinn University overall, our Bachelor's and Master's programmes, admission procedure, student life, etc.

  • 15:00 - 16:00 Legal Profession: Why is it Important to Study Law? by Lecturer of Private Law Phillip Webb Graves

What are the basic areas of law a successful lawyer must know? Phillip Webb Graves will give you an insight to this question. Tallinn University offers Law programme on BA level in Tallinn and in Helsinki.

What is politics about? What areas are there to study? What does a degree in politics enable to do? Gerly Elbrecht discusses the programme and awaits for your ideas and questions. 

What does "Liberal Arts mean? What does the degree include and what to do with it later? Catlyn Kirna discusses the details of the programme and answers your questions.


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On 15 July you may join the info session here. 
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