BFM's BA Graduation Ceremony

06/20/2018 - 16:00 - 17:30

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We welcome you to BFM's graduation ceremony! The ceremony will be for the graduates of Audiovisual Media, Crossmedia in Film and Television, Choreography, Art Education, Music and Film Arts programmes.

All ceremonies will be held in Terra building, at the Ceremony Hall (T-324).

The graduates will assemble 15 minutes before the ceremony starts in front of the ceremony hall. You can leave your belongings in room T-305.

The guests will be able to enter the ceremony hall 15 minutes before the beginning. As the ceremony hall only fits a few hundred people, you can also view the ceremony that will be broadcast live in the Astra building lobby, on the 4th floor of Terra building (T-410) and in all the TVs on campus. 

In addition to that you can watch the ceremony online:

We'll move to the front of the Nova building after the ceremony for congratulations and group photos.