ICCPR 2018 | The 10th International Conference on Cultural Policy Research : The cultural governance of global flows: the past and future

BFM alongside the School of Humanities and School of Governance, Law and Society are welcoming all those interested to the largest international cultural policy conference of Eastern Europe.


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We invite you to join us for 4 days full of presentations and discussions on cultural and creative industries, cultural diplomacy and governance, production and heritage, technologies and participation in the context of cultural policy.

The International Scientific Committee of ICCPR and its local organising committee from Tallinn University welcomes universities and researchers, governmental institutions and policy-makers, artists and managers, and other culture enthusiasts who are interested in learning about the global outlook on cultural flows in the context of tomorrow, today and yesterday.  

The theme “The Cultural Governance of Global Flows: Past and Future” refers to the emergence of complex global flows that present contemporary societies with novel challenges and have high relevance for shaping but also understanding cultural policy in the making worldwide. These include forced as well as unforced migrations; new global divisions in cultural labour; cultural tourism; novel forms of content distribution; emergent international networks and platforms enabling cultural exchange; global trade with (big) data on cultural practices; and attempts of reimagining and re-evaluating shared values, to name some.

The conference addresses not only the present situation and future strategies but instigates conversations about the archeologies and histories of contemporary flows, looking into past ways of addressing related challenges with cultural policies in different regions of the world. ICCPR 2018 focuses on the specific experiences in Eastern Europe as well as other transitional societies.

The 10th International Conference on Cultural Policy Research (ICCPR 2018) presents research from across the whole spectrum of cultural policy studies and discusses topics including:

  • Cultural policy and globalisation
  • Cultural policy, values and politics
  • Implicit and comparative cultural policy
  • Cultural policy, intellectuals and cultural industries
  • Artist policy
  • Creativity and the city
  • Cultural policy as welfare policy
  • Culture and economy
  • Cultural policy, cultural diplomacy and international relations


Keynotes are presented by:

  • Prof. J.P Singh, University of Edinburgh, UK
  • Prof. Jose van Dijck, Utrecht University, Netherlands
  • Prof. Joseph Straubhaar, University of Texas, USA
  • Prof. Madina Tlostanova, Linköping University, Sweden

To secure yourself a seat at the event, register by August 6th at

More info:

About ICCPR: The main function of ICCPR is to promote, in association with the International Journal of Cultural Policy, a biennial research conference of high academic standards in different parts of the world.  ICCPR has previously been hosted in Bergen (1999), Wellington, New Zealand (2002), Montreal (2004), Vienna (2006), Istanbul (2008), Jyväskylä, Finland (2010), Barcelona (2012), Hildesheim (2014) and Seoul (2016). The conference provides an opportunity for researchers to present papers that reflect on cultural policy from any relevant discipline, provided they make an original academic contribution to the field. Proposals for papers are rigorously assessed by at least two members of the Scientific Committee. Papers based on research that is primarily ‘instrumental’ (such as market research) or on research designed for the advocacy of a preconceived institutional position are not normally accepted. This does not exclude applied research of high academic quality, particularly research that advances methodology.