The competition will determine:

  • the best monograph (2020);
  • the best article in humanities (2020);
  • the best article in natural sciences (2020);
  • the best article in social sciences (2020);
  • the best article in exact sciences (2020);
  • the best general education or higher education institution textbook (2020);
  • the best creative project (production, concert, trade show, etc.) (2020)

The price for each category is 650 euros.

In order to participate in the competition, the author(s) must submit the following materials by February 16 to the Research Administration Office (room M-641 or

  • work to be submitted for assessment (in the case of a monograph, article and textbook);
  • free format application including an indication of the category of the submitted work and in the cases of monographs and textbooks, additional explanation (up to one page) on the studies that the submitted work is based on. The publication, textbook and creative project must contain a clear reference to the author’s/authors’ link with the university;
  • description of the publication, textbook or creative project to be assessed
  • It is recommended to add reviews and articles concerning the competition entries (primarily those published in the press) to the materials, if possible. 

Statute of the competition

Elena Stern
Research Administration Office
+372 640 9149

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