The purpose of the Tallinn University’s doctoral students’ scientific communication and science popularization competition is to value, stimulate and recognize doctoral students’ activities for scientific communication and science popularization when introducing their research.

Works which meet the following requirements can be submitted to the competition:

  1. The submitted work, , a popular scientific article, video, audio or other creative project, has been previously published or created for the competition. Previously published works must have been published within the 12 calendar months preceding the closing date of the competition;
  2. The sole or the first author of the work is the doctoral student submitting the competition work;
  3. The work is based on a scientific research and follows the code of conduct of research integrity;
  4. The work is aimed at the general public;
  5. The work is submitted in Estonian, English or Russian.

The works can be presented in four categories:

  1. Article category;
  2. Video category;
  3. Audio category;
  4. Open category, i.e. communication of science or science popularization in other inclusive formats.

The competition prize fund is 1000 euros, which is equally divided between the four categories being evaluated. In each category, in general, only one best competition work is awarded. The University’s doctoral students or persons who have completed their doctoral studies within 12 months prior to the competition deadline can compete to the prize fund.

Entries submitted to the competition will be evaluated according to the following evaluation criteria:

  1. The comprehensibility and clarity of the work submitted and the use of illustrative means;
  2. The substantive expertise and scientific rigor of the work submitted.
  3. The topicality and societal impact of the work submitted.

The competition will be announced in 2018/2019 academic year and more information (including the deadline for the competition) will be sent via mailing lists.


Kersti Pado
Specialist of Research Management
Phone: 640 9145

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