After you have been accepted to Tallinn University for short-term studies (for example, as an exchange student on a Bilateral Agreement)  we will send you an acceptance letter. With the acceptance letter you can apply for a long-term visa (D-Visa) which enables you to stay in Estonia for one year.

You can apply for the visa at the nearest Estonian Embassy.

Please read carefully requirements for the application of visa. If you have any questions, please contact the International Student Adviser.

D-visa covers your entire stay in Estonia if it is less than one year. There is no need to apply for any other documents. However, you cannot register as a resident of Tallinn.

Information for students with visa-free entry to Estonia

Please see a list of countries with visa-free access to Estonia here.

The citizens mentioned in the above list do not need a visa to enter a Schengen area (incl. Estonia) for stays of no more than 90 days in any 180-day period.

Despite the right to enter Schengen area visa-free the study period in Tallinn University is usually more than 90 days so we recommend applying for a D-visa prior to your trip in the nearest Estonian embassy and entering Estonia with an already valid visa. Visa-free travelling is meant for the purposes of tourism and coming as a student your visa-free travel is not in accordance with the rules and regulations of visa-free travelling and might cause problems at the border when reaching the first Schengen country.