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Tallinn University wishes to benefit the society through sharing its knowledge both within Estonia as well as internationally. For our partners, Open Academy is the first point of contact for creating cooperation relationships with Tallinn University.

Researchers of Tallinn University offer their competencies through five focus fields: educational innovation, digital and media culture, cultural competences, healthy and sustainable lifestyle, society and open governance.

The university offers many different opportunities for organizations to support multilateral development and to meet the related challenges. One of the tasks of the Open Academy is to mediate the research potential of the university (incl the knowledge gathered so far and researchers’ time resource) to the partners (to enterprises, public and third sector).

Development activities is a collective term which covers different cooperation possibilities. The development activities include: 

  • Development services (applied research, consultations and other formats of services necessary for helping the partner and for solving topical development challenges quickly). 

    In cooperation with Enterprise Estonia, enterprises are offered a possibility to order services in the framework of the innovation voucher (and development voucher) grant. In cooperation with Archimedes and Estonian Research Council, we also offer the possibility to order applied research related to smart specialization growth areas.
  • Cooperation (consistent solving of problems of strategic nature in common cooperation networks or by common focus fields).
  • Development programmes (realizing long-term project-based objectives in cooperation with partners).

You are welcome to contact the Open Academy if you have cooperation offers focused on cooperation in the field of marketing or common development of traineeships.

Contact us at: openacademy....at....tlu.ee