Date Event
August 29th 2022 – September 4th 2022 Orientation Week for International Students
September 5th 2022 – December 18th 2022 Autumn Semester
October 24th 2022 – October 30th 2022 Intermediate week of the Autumn Semester (exams, intensive courses, special seminars)
January 30th 2023 Beginning of Spring Semester
March 27th 2023 – April 2nd 2023

Intermediate week of the Spring Semester (exams, intensive courses, special seminars)

June 15th 2023, 12 pm
Master's degree graduation ceremonies for the School of Digital Technologies
June 30th 2023 End of the Spring Semester

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Dates for master's thesis 2023


Curriculum Submission

Defence                   Schedule  


Interaction Design (DTIDM.DT)

20.12.2022 and 03.05.2023 24.01.2023                    link Zoom

Digital Learning Games (DTLGM.DT)

10.01.2023 and 03.05.2023 03.02.2023                    link


Open Society Technologies (DTOSM.DT)

10.01.2023 and 03.05.2023        -  

Human-Computer Interaction (IFIMM.DT) 

10.01.2023 and 03.05.2023 25.01.2023                    link