Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility gives students the ability to participate in exchange programs at partner universities outside of the European Union. Exchange is possible with universities with whom Tallinn University has signed an Erasmus+ agreement. Erasmus+ scholarship includes travel support (depends on the distance) and monthly scholarship 700 euros. 

The application round for spring semester 2021/2022 is on September 15th - 25th 2021.

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Available places for Spring 2021:

  • Chiang Mai University, Thailand -  travel support 820 euros, monthly scholarship 700 euros.
  • Georgian Institute of Public Affair Foundation, Georgia -  travel support 360 euros, monthly scholarship 700 euros.
  • Ilia State University, Georgia -  travel support 360 euros, monthly scholarship 700 euros.
  • Manipal Academy of Higher Education, India (4 places) -  travel support 820 euros, monthly scholarship 700 euros.
  • The Eurasian Humanities Institute, Kazakhstan -  travel support 530 euros, monthly scholarship 700 euros.
  • United International College, China (3 places) - travel support 820 euros, monthly scholarship 700 euros.
  • University of Ghana, Ghana (2 places) -  travel support 820 euros, monthly scholarship 700 euros.
  • Universidade Eduardo Mondlane, Mozambique (2 places) - travel support 1500 euros, monthly scholarship 700 euros.

Application process

Competition for Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility and Bilateral exchange studies for spring semester 2021/2022 is on September 15th - 25th 2021.

1. Get in touch with your Erasmus+ Departmental Coordinator and Study Counsellor and discuss your possibilities to study abroad

2. apply online and attach the following supporting documents: 

  • Proof of Language Proficiency (international language test / foreign language course at TLU / current studies in English, and all documents which prove that student's language skills correspond to the host university's language requirements).
  • (Digitally) signed preliminary learning agreement* with the list of TLU courses which will be replaced by the courses taken at the host university
  • Motivation Letter (1-2 pages). The following criteria will be assessed: motivation, independence and ability to take initiative, cultural competences, having information about the host university and the organisation of studies and economic preparedness.
  • Transcript of records

Remarks: When applying, students can select maximum 2 host universities where they would like to study as an exchange student. If the two host universities are not under the same programme, please submit two different applications. 

*Signatures are to be gathered from the student and  TLU Erasmus Departmental Coordinator.

Guidelines for applying:

1. Check where you can go to - Please choose your home unit or programme. You can then see the possible partner universities for your exchange. Please check the available courses on partner university’s webpage and discuss with your departmental Erasmus coordinator, whether the partner university is suitable for you.

2. For applying go to SoleMove, choose Tallinn University from the list of institutions and log in with your TLU username and password.

3. Once you are logged in, choose the application form for outgoing student mobility from the left tab. Choose “new” to create an application.

4. Choose ”study” as the mobility type and the appropriate application period and programme and save. For Erasmus + International Credit Mobility choose “outgoing Erasmus+ ICM” and for bilateral partner universities “bilateral outgoing exchange”. If you want to apply for both of the exchange programmes, you need to make two separate applications.

5. Fill in your personal data and save.

6. Choose your first and your second preference (if you have one), by adding a new institution/enterprise and click save. A maximum of two universities can be chosen.

7. Fill in the information about your current studies (at TLU) and click save. 

8. Add the required enclosures and save.

9.  You can then check whether all necessary information is filled in and send the application away for review. NB! You no longer can edit your application after it has been submitted!

10.  Your application will be reviewed and you will be notified about the results after the application period.

If you have any questions regarding the system please contact

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How to apply?

  • We recommend you make yourself familiar with all the travel-related restrictions and entry requirements. Due to Covid-19, many universities may make last-minute decisions to teach online.
  • Before you apply, please look at the website of the partner university and do your research about the courses they offer. Please consult your study counsellor whether the subjects are suitable for your studies. 
  • Please note that academic calendars can be different. 
  • Do not forget to plan your exchange semester into your curriculum and do not be afraid to ask for advice from your study counsellor.
  • Pay attention to the application deadlines and do not leave it at the last minute. Exchange studies outside of the EU require a visa or temporary residence permit, which means you need more time to apply for necessary documents. 

Administration of Erasmus+ Higher Education Mobility Programme at TLU

Ask for more information:

Laura Roop
Head of International Cooperation
+372 640 9123
TLU Erasmus charter number is 68286-EPP-1-2014-1-EE-EPPKA3-ECHE 

Erasmus harta 20212027
TLU Erasmus code: EE TALLINN05

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