Educational Innovation and Leadership

School of Educational Sciences

Educational Innovation and Leadership master’s programme aims to inspire educational entrepreneurs all over the world. The study programme examines different learning strategies, evidence based development, and innovative leadership methods in the field of education. Our students will be the future architects of innovative education systems!

Master's Studies
Cyclical studies
2400 €

Well-Being and Health Behaviour, M.A.

School of Natural Sciences and Health

Are you eager to learn about people and their concerns and emotions? Would you like to know how to approach and measure a person's well-being in a science-based way? Are you ready to find solutions in the future to help people live healthier lives and prevent premature illness? Come and learn new valuable knowledge that contributes to your current speciality, and with relevant knowledge and experience it is possible to influence the individuals and health situation in your community through health promotion processes and team leadership.

Master's Studies
Regular studies
1650 €