The aim of the Research Fund of the Tallinn University School of Humanities is to provide support for the development of the School's branches of study, the research activities of the School's academic staff and PhD students, and the introduction of these activities both in Estonia and abroad.

The resources of the Fund are primarily meant for the following activities:

a) assignments:

  • Participation at conferences (preferably delivering a paper);
  • Participation at research and development events;
  • Conducting research in a library, museum or archive;
  • Conducting field work;
  • Preparation of project applications;
  • Individual professional development activities abroad during the sabbatical semester of teaching staff.

b) projects:

  • Developing study branches and research teams;
  • Developing research and development projects, as well as co-financing and self-financing;
  • Organising academic events;
  • Translating and editing research work of applicants;
  • Co-financing the publication of research papers and articles;
  • Inclusion of eminent scholars into teaching and/or research activities.

Only the employees and PhD students of the School of Humanities may apply to the Fund.

The application deadlines are 1 March, 1 June, 1 September and 1 December.

The applications and reports should be sent to

Documents of the Research Fund:

Members of the Research Board

Appointed by the Director on 15 October 2015.

  • Hannes Palang – Head of the Board, Research Professor, Principal investigator for an IRF project
  • Karsten Brüggemann – Head of a PhD programme, Principal investigator for an IRF project
  • Irina Belobrovtseva – Principal investigator for an IRF project
  • Anu Mänd – Principal investigator for an IRF project
  • Marek Tamm – Head of TU Centre of Excellence in Intercultural Studies
  • Suliko Liiv – Head of the Doctoral Studies Council in Humanities
  • Anna Verschik – Head of a PhD programme
  • Karin Dean – Senior Research Fellow
  • Tõnu Viik – Head of a PhD programme, Director
  • Aigi Heero – Administrative Head
  • Kristel Toom – Research Coordinator, Secretary of the Research Board