Preschool of PhD studies

The preschool of Doctoral Studies at the School of Educational Sciences at TU will take place between 19.02.2018-14.05.2018.

Dates for sessions: (spring semester 2018) 19.02; 19.03; 16.04; 14.05

Time: 16.30-18.30

Place: Tallinn University, room M-439

Aim: introduce PhD studies with its possibilities and challenges; aid in the creating of a quality and detailed PhD thesis research plan; enable, if necessary, to find a suitable supervisor; encourage PhD thesis topics to coincide with the priority fields of the School of Educational Sciences. Additionally, providing the participants with a possibility to get a sample of attending the doctoral programme - managing with time, workload, assessing one’s research potential, participating in a seminar, discussions, giving feedback, asking questions, etc.

Credits: 3 ECTS

Study material: a Google Drive folder will be created for storing and distributing relevant reading material and participants’ independent work.

Research priorities: The School of Educational Sciences has 3 main priority research fields for the next admission:

Institutional Innovation in Education

  • New forms of school society partnerships, co-creation methodologies, open schooling, Living Labs

  • Implementing new interdisciplinary and open learning arrangements in institutions (e.g. ELU, Design Thinking)

  • Special Learning Contexts (Workplace, Vocational, Informal and Outside the classroom learning)

Effectiveness of new forms of learning and instruction

  • Inquiry-based Learning in STEM education

  • Digital Technologies in Learning, Smart School

  • Research-based teaching and learning, teachers as researchers, teacher inquiry

  • Online measures of learning and learning analytics

  • Subject Didactics

  • Education for transversal competence (e.g. Entrepreneurship, Creative Problem Solving, Digital Competence)

Inclusive Education

  • Cognitive basis of self-regulated learning in open learning arrangements

  • Special education, learning difficulties, adaptive instruction

  • Inclusion of immigrants

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A certificate will be provided to the participants of all the sessions of the course. The course will be held in English.