Preschool of PhD studies


he preschool of Doctoral Studies at the School of Educational Sciences at Tallinn University will take place between the 25th of April and the 5th of June 2019.

Dates for sessions: (spring semester 2019) 25.04; 16.05; 05.06.2019

Time: 16.30–18.30

Place: Tallinn University, room M-439

Aim: To introduce PhD studies with its possibilities and challenges; to aid in the creation of a quality and detailed PhD thesis research plan; to enable, if necessary, to find a suitable supervisor; to encourage PhD thesis topics to coincide with the priority fields of the School of Educational Sciences. Additionally, providing the participants with a possibility to get a sample of attending the doctoral programme – managing with time, workload, assessing one’s research potential, participating in a seminar, discussions, giving feedback, asking questions, etc.

Credits: 1 ECT

Study material: a Google Drive folder will be created for storing and distributing relevant reading material and participants’ independent work.

Research priorities: The School of Educational Sciences has main priority research fields for the next admission (project based competition): 

  • Leadership practices in school innovation processes 
  • Adoption of evidence-driven school development 
  • Developing and enhancing the teaching quality of inclusive education curriculum

Also other topics related to educational sciences are in focus (open competition). Read more about the fields of research, study areas of the School of Educational Sciences and people involved here.

Priority fields (1–3) will be represented at the PhD preschool by a "priority leader" and/or a team.

Also topics for open competition will be discussed. Each leader/team will provide articles for the sessions of the course.

There will be three sessions in total: Session I – introductory session, Sessions II and III – working in groups, accordingly to the chosen priority field. Session II is focusing on the theoretical framework, research problem, aim and questions and Session III is focusing on the methodology.

A certificate will be provided to the participants who take part of all three sessions and do the required homework that precede the sessions II and III.

Please register for the preschool here