Estonian Education: Excellence in PISA, Looking for Changes
На русском


What lies behind Estonia’s success in PISA? Strengths of Estonian education – school autonomy, equity and well-trained teachers. Can some elements of Estonia’s educational system be implemented in other countries? Estonian strategy for lifelong learning – why the country is looking for changes? Contemporary debates and challenges – how to widen  pedagogical repertoire, implement the so called digital turn and update school organisational culture. The role of universities in innovating Estonian education. 

Presentation last for 90 minutes (lecture + discussion);


The presentation can be provided in Estonian, English, Russian.

Price: 500 EUR (for a group up to 30 participants)

Price does not include VAT, due to that, 20% percent will be added to the stated prices.

Additional requests

The package can be modified according to visitor’s special request. With modifications, a new price will be agreed upon according to the final package after the modifications. Also, it is possible to have a coffee break or catering in addition to the package. The price of the coffee break or catering will be added to the package price based on the invoice from the coffee break/catering company.


To order this package, please contact Viktoria Humal.