Summary: The role of the teacher is changing rapidly from knowledge presenter to the artistic content creator. Providing a supportive environment at the university will immerse teachers in the process of co-creation of innovative learning scenarios and encourage later validation of these resources in authentic classroom settings. The studies have demonstrated that experienced teachers are ready to change their classroom practices when they feel ownership for a new method. And that’s exactly what happens in the Innovation Laboratory. At this hands-on workshop, we demonstrate the whole process, speeded up by 20 times, to you. You will also co-create and pilot one innovative STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) learning scenario with other participants.

Additional information: EDULAB-model

Presentation last for 180 minutes (lecture + discussion);

Languages: English

Price: 1000 EUR (for a group up to 30 participants)

Price does not include VAT, due to that, 20% percent will be added to the stated prices.

Additional requests

The package can be modified according to visitor’s special request. With modifications, a new price will be agreed upon according to the final package after the modifications. Also, it is possible to have a coffee break or catering in addition to the package. The price of the coffee break or catering will be added to the package price based on the invoice from the coffee break/catering company.


To order this package, please contact Viktoria Humal.