A Journey of a Fresh Graduate of an Educational Innovation and Leadership Master's Program

Claudette Mandzo, a student from Cameroon, is a recent graduate of an Educational Innovation and Leadership Master's program at Tallinn University. After successful graduation, we asked her what were the biggest challenges for her at the beginning of her master's studies, and what are her plans for the future.


Once I saw the course program on the website, I was already excited and anxious to improve my professional life as a teacher, but I was afraid I would not enjoy my stay in Tallinn University since it was a completely new place for me.

Getting to Tallinn my fear was changed to hope and I knew it is a place to stay, not only is it a place to foster my career but also a place to develop my skills and competencies in the society as a whole.

Though I had numerous challenges at the beginning where I almost went back to my country but with the help of the lecturers and friends I developed the courage to hold on to a still voice in my head that said “I must keep going”.

It was that still voice that said, “Nothing is a failure if it is not final”. That voice that also said, “Get out of bed, keep going and don’t quit!”. All these sayings helped me to go through successfully.

Tallinn University is so welcoming, and the people are friendly and ready to help at times that they can. All that I have learned and acquired I will use it in my home country to improve in my instruction and contribute to building a better educational system from the classroom level.  

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