Centre of Excellence in Educational Innovation

The size of the Centre of Excellence in Educational Innovation (CEEI) Research Fund is around €164,400 annually (during 2017-2021). The Fund is currently aimed towards supporting the following activities:

  • Other research related activities (including Living Labs) – recurring deadlines for applications are on 15 June, 15 September, 15 December, and 15 March

Applications can be submitted by TU staff and TU PhD students, with their supervisors’ support.

Most projects funded by the CEEI Research Fund activities take place as part of activity A5 of the project “TU TEE - Tallinn University as a promoter of intelligent lifestyle” (No 2014-2020.4.01.16-0033).



n 2015 the Centre of Excellence in Educational Innovation (CEEI) was established at Tallinn University. The aim of CEEI is to facilitate the seeking of new ways for driving evidence-based educational innovation in schools, universities and the workplaces. The research conducted at CEEI will take a broad approach on institutional change, teacher training, new learning environments and practices and learner capabilities.

The work at CEEI will be conducted by an interdisciplinary team of researchers and PhD students at TU mainly from the areas of educational science, psychology, digital technologies and natural sciences. The center is complemented by a wider international network of members and stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds relating to educational innovation.

The CEEI goal is also to suggest a new way of doing educational research which is rooted in educational theory and practice and is enabled by a systematic data-driven approach (learning analytics).

Aims of the Research Fund

Applications for funding are accepted for projects and activities that support any of the CEEI’s research units, or help in establishing a new unit. The existing research units are:

Institutional Change and Innovation

1)    Measurement and Institutional Assessment

2)    Living Labs for Educational Innovation

New Learning Environments

3)    Sharing Innovative Learning Scenarios

4)    STEM education outside the classroom

5)    Informal and Workplace Learning    

Teachers and Trainers as Facilitators of Learning

6)    Teacher Professionalization and Workplace Learning

7)    Teacher Competence and Curriculum Development

Learner Interaction and Cognition

8)    Inclusive Education

The purpose of the applied projects should be to strengthen one of the emergent areas of research or help establish one that becomes strategic priorities. The projects should increase the chances for applying for research grants, increase international networks and increase visibility for CEEI and TU.

Visiting Researchers (not accepting applications at the moment)

Beginning from autumn 2017, CEEI funding is available for Visiting Researcher positions:

  • Duration of stay 1-3 months;
  • Pays for salary costs;
  • Purpose is to strengthen basis for applying for research grants, increasing international cooperation by benefiting from wider network of the visiting researcher, increasing visibility.

Visiting Researcher positions are funded as part of activity A5 of the project "TU TEE – Tallinn University as a promoter of intelligent lifestyle" (No 2014-2020.4.01.16-0033

How to apply?

To apply for a Visiting Researcher position, please submit your application via the online application form, and send a written agreement from the potential Visiting Researcher via e-mail to anu.tammeleht@tlu.ee.

Applications for Visiting Researcher positions for 2017 will be accepted for the following recurring deadlines: 15 June, 15 September, 15 December, 15 March. Applications will be reviewed by the HUT Board shortly after each deadline, and applicants will be notified of the results within a maximum of 4 weeks following the deadline.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

ore detailed information about the procedures of applying for funding can be found in the CEEI Research Fund Statute.

If you have any questions about the HUT Research Fund or would like to discuss your application prior to submission, please contact CEEI Coordinator Anu Tammmeleht at anu.tammeleht@tlu.ee