The project builds on the outcomes and experiences of a previous ERASMUS+ KA2 project Education for the Future – Partnership Development for a joint and sustainable international master's level programme for education professionals with the same project partners. Within this previous project, a joint module was developed and tested focusing on widening the understanding of participants regarding changes in societies, different national educational systems and the dynamics of changes within schools. 

Between the years 2014–2017, Education4Future (E4F) was an international academic 10-month continuing education programme which aimed to:

  • develop the knowledge and attitudes of school leaders in the light of the educational challenges of the 21st century;
  • shape competent school leaders;
  • develop the school leaders’ leadership competencies in both international and local education sphere.

The learning was based on the central challenges of a future school mapped by the OECD Trends Shaping Education. The collaborators of the programme were Tallinn University, Hogeschool van Amsterdam in the Netherlands and Pädagogishe Hochschule Zürich in Switzerland alongside the Schulamt Fürstentum Liechtenstein.

Programme participants

School leaders, head teachers and future school leaders (either active teachers interested in school leadership or educational management master´s students, education officials).

Programme structure

The programme consisted of classes, seminars, school visits and a practical school development project. There were two local modules, meant only for the Estonian participants, and three international modules with study groups from all the countries. 

The programme was funded by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research and Erasmus+.

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