Documents that are related to studies (e.g graduation documents, proof of learning, transfer of records, duplicate of diploma) are issued by academic units and Academic Affairs Office.  

Students can get the necessary documentation from their academic unit (institute/college).
Former students can get the documents from Academic Affairs Office ( or room T213, Narva mnt 25)

  • A student who has not participated in the graduation ceremony shall be issued graduation documents by the academic unit within one month after the date of defence of the final thesis or the date of the final examination. Graduation documents requested later shall be issued by the Academic Affairs Office.
  • The diploma is issued to the recipient personally against a signature or to an authorised person on the basis of a written authorisation. As an exception, it is possible to ask for the diploma to be sent by certified mail.
  • The University does not issue diplomas in English. If necessary, we can make a simple translation of the diploma, the cost which is 5 euros and an invoice will be sent to you. The translation will be made after you have paid the invoice.  In order to translate the document, please send us a copy of your diploma (e.g. as a scanned document). In case you need the document to be verified by a sworn translator, i.e. you need an official translation, please turn to a translation bureau. 
  • When applying for a duplicate of the diploma, a student shall hand in an application to the Rector, a reason for applying must be brought out and an original must be added if possible. Costs of issuing the duplicate are covered by the applicant (except in a case where the original is inaccurate or includes wrong information). Please send an application to In order for us to issue Your diploma for another person please write and sign a document of authorisation (you may also draw it up electronically and sign it digitally). The authorisation is needed for us to hand out the  documents for another person on your behalf. The authorization has to include your permission to hand out your diploma and diploma supplement for the other person. Also include your name and ID-code or the birth date and those of the persons who you authorise.  As an exception, it is possible to ask for the duplicate to be sent by certified mail. NB! Two originals of the diploma are not allowed. The duplicate can be
    issued only when the diploma and the diploma supplements have been revoked.

You can find the rates for the issue of graduation documents here
Sending graduation documents abroad, application here