TLÜ käitumis- ja neuroteaduste tippkeskus

The Centre of Excellence in Behavioural and Neural Sciences (KNT in Estonian) shall be created under the focus field of Healthy and Sustainable Lifestyle. The purpose of this Centre of Excellence will be to facilitate the initiation and realization of high-level interdisciplinary research projects, which involve the study of behavioural sciences in cooperation with psychology, neurosciences and the natural sciences. Neuropsychology and other fields of psychology are important when conducting behavioural studies since they explain how brain activity influences psychological processes and behaviour, and thereby influence an individual´s working ability, their motivation, incentives and behavioural patterns. This study field is not only important in the development of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle at both the individual and community level but it also offers input in the development of teaching didactics. 

The objective of the Centre is to create an internationally competitive centre for the study of behavioural and neural sciences by integrating the natural and behavioural sciences.

The main focus of activity of the Centre of Excellence in Behavioural and Neural Sciences will be:

  1. To study the adaptive qualities and behavioural patterns of an individual by using methodology applied in psychology, behavioural and neural sciences, and to develop evidence-based methods of intervention in order to increase an individual’s adaptive capability and to improve the physical wellbeing of people;
  2. To relate the molecular research of neurodegenerative processes to clinical studies in order to develop potential new drugs that can be used in the treatment of Parkinson´s disease (PD) and other neurodegenerative diseases.  

The Centre of Excellence in Behavioural and Neural Sciences Council:

addressNarva mnt 25, 10120 Tallinn

Phone(+372) 640 9400