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Programme PRIMUS

The aim of the programme is to support the improvement of the professional competitiveness of graduates of institutions of higher education. To implement the programme, 22 higher education institutions, the Federation of Estonian Student Unions and Estonian Information Technology Foundation are involved.

The programme focuses on the development of six activity areas:

1. sustainable and high-quality competency in the area of higher education pedagogy, i.e. teaching stuff
2. high-quality implementation of study programmes based on learning outcome, i.e. quality of study
3. quality of recognition of prior learning and work experience, i.e. RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning)
4. support systems and result-orientated management skills that support the conducting of studies, i.e. strategic management
5. research and analyses in the field of higher education, i.e. research and analysis
6. training of adjusting to studies for entrants by providing study and career counselling services and support services to students with special needs, i.e. students.

Total cost of the programme is 14.6 million Euros. Programme is supported by the European Social Fund and is implemented in 2008-2014.

More information about the program PRIMUS here

Information about the courses for lecturers in english here

Coodinator of the program in Tallinn University

Katri Pung
Project Manager
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