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  • NHC2020: Hydrology and Water-related Ecosystems

  • Tallinn University, Tallinn, Estonia, 10-13 August 2020

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Important notice from the NHC2020 Organizing Committee

As the NHC2020 takes place in August 2020 the Organizing Committee has decided at the moment to continue with the abstract submission up to 13rd April. Depending on the number of submitted abstracts we make further decisions. Also we recommend postponing any additional travel and accommodation bookings until further notice.

We continue to hope that the NHC2020 will take place as scheduled. The Organizing Committee of NHC2020 will make a final decision on the conference by 15 April and will notify all the persons who have submitted abstracts.

Thank you for Your understanding

Tiit Vaasma, NHC2020 Organizing Committee


After every two years, the Nordic Hydrological Conference (NHC) takes place in a different member country of the Nordic Association for Hydrology (NHF). In August 2020 we are waiting you to Tallinn, Estonia. NHC2020 main topic will be “Hydrology and Water-related Ecosystems”. It will offer a great opportunity to discuss not only strictly hydrological questions but also about water as the basis of our whole existence and warrant for human well-being. Functioning water cycle and clean water are one of the most important ecosystem services we have. The NHC2020 will be an excellent venue for dissemination of scientific results and practical applications of hydrological research.

NHC2020 will also celebrate two special events - the 50th Year Anniversary of the Nordic Association for Hydrology and 100 Years of Hydrological Service in Estonia.


  • Knowledge gaps in the interactions between hydrology, ecosystems and global change
  • Hydrological and ecological modelling
  • Approaches for monitoring, assessment, protection and restoration for water and ecosystem services
  • Water and ecosystems for human well-being
  • Water policy and governance


August 10th

  • Field excursion in karst geomorphology and hydrology of Kohila karst region (Oliver Koit)
  • Key elements of scientific writing (Bjørn Kløve)
  • Isotope hydrology (Nathan D. Stansell)
  • Communicating your science to the public (Arko Olesk)


Hydrology Research (IWA Publishing)

Join NHF by filling in the application form at http://nhf-hydrology.org


  • Tarmo Soomere (president of Estonian Academy of Sciences, Estonia)
  • Nathan D. Stansell (Northern Illinois University, USA)
  • Pertti Ala-aho (University of Oulu, Finland) 
  • Brian Kronvang (Aarhus University, Denmark)
  • Håkan Tropp (OECD Water Governance Programme)


  • October 2019 - First call.
  • January 2020 - Abstracts submission and registration!
  • April 13th 2020 - Submission of abstracts closes.
  • April 30th 2020 - Notification about acceptance of abstract.
  • May 20th 2020 - Deadline for early-bird registration.
  • June 22nd 2020 - Final program ready.
  • August 10th-13th 2020 - Conference programme.

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Additional information:
Tiit Vaasma - vaasma@tlu.ee


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