Renu Geetha Bai is a PhD graduate in Chemical & Environmental Engineering from The University of Nottingham. Currently, she is working as a Postdoctoral Researcher in Tallinn University, Estonia. Her current research focus on the development of high value bio-materials from marine algae.

Dr. Renu's research interests are biotechnology, nanotechnology, marine algal biomolecules, nanomedicine, anticancer drug delivery, nanotheranostics, metal/carbon- nanomaterials, liposomes, microbiology, molecular biology, tissue engineering, in vitro cell culture (plant, animal, algae), mammalian (cancer & normal) cell culture techniques, environmental engineering, green chemistry, and electrochemical biosensing.

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Areas of research

1. Biosciences and Environment; 1.12. Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Biophysics and Economic and Technological Research relating to Bio- and Environmental Sciences; CERCS CLASSIFICATION: T360 Biochemical technology