Alari Allik (PhD) is the lecturer of Japanese Studies and Head of Asian Studies at Tallinn University. He has studied in Tōkyō and Ōsaka and teaches courses on Japanese literature, religion and philosophy. His research deals with biographical and autobiographical writings and the ways the identity of the authors was constructed in Medieval Japan. In addition to his research Alari Allik has also translated and commented on classical Japanese literature. His translations of Saigyō's "Mountain Home" (Sankashū) and Fujiwara Teika's small anthology "One Hundred Poets, One Poem Each" (Ogura hyakunin isshu) have been published by Tallinn University Press.

Areas of research

Medieval Japanese tales (setsuwa)

Stories of rebirth (ōjōden)

Travel diaries (ki)

Japanese poetry (waka) and sense of place, biography and autobiography