Bianka Plüschke-Altof is Researcher in Environmental Sociology at the School of Natural Sciences and Health. In her PhD thesis on the field of Human Geography and Rural Sociology she analysed spatial inequalities and territorial stigmatization on the case of Estonian rural areas.

Main tasks

TF519 "Inimese ja looduse mõju urbaniseeruvas maailmas: keskkonna käitumise uurimisrühma ja võrgustiku loomine Tallinna Ülikoolis"

1-32/12 Nr 5 "Human well-being in the city. Challenges of needs-based green space planning: methodologies and possible applications"

TRU18172A "Conducting research on the vitality of small settlements for the Estonian Ministry of Finance"

Areas of research

socio-spatial inequality

place-making practices and discourses in urban and rural areas

human-nature interactions

environmental awareness, behavior and activism

environmental justice

urban green spaces and urban gardening