Liisi Keedus is an intellectual historian, with a particular interest in the political imagination of inter-war Europe, on which she published her first monograph: The Crisis of German Historicism: The Early Political Thought of Hannah Arendt and Leo Strauss (2015, CUP).

Her current research focuses on the interdisciplinary roots, connections and implications of the novel concepts of time and historicity after the Great War. She is directing an ERC Starting Grant "Between the Times: Embattled Temporalities in Interwar Europe" that explores intersections between varieties of anti-progressivisms in European political thought:

She earned her PhD at the European University Institute in Florence. She has been a research fellow at the Institute of Politics and Government at Tartu University and a Marie Curie fellow at the Erik Castrén Institute at the University of Helsinki, and a lecturer in Politics Dept at the University of York.

Areas of research

Political theory,

intellectual history,

civil society,

democracy and liberalism.