• Thesis must be submitted only electronically no later than 06 January 2022 by 3 p.m to your Study Counsellor.
  • The times of the defences are between 17 - 28 January 2022:
    • Anthropology MA - to be announced
    • Estonian Studies - to be announced
    • Literature, Visual Culture and Film Studies - to be announced
  • Registration for the graduation exam (if the curriculum ends with the exam) will take place in ÕIS until 06 January 2022.

NB! Graduation documents will be issued within a month from your defence / exam.

Submitting the thesis

The thesis must be submitted in electronic copy only as a digitally (ID card signed) signed container consisting of the following documents:

  1. The electronic copy of the thesis in PDF format. The name of the electronic file must have the author’s name;
  2. A licence which permits the publishing of the electronic thesis in the Tallinn University Academic Library repository ETERA. Please do not include the licence into your thesis file, add it as a separate document to the container;
  3. An information form (Please pay meticulous attention to your thesis title in Estonian and in English as these will be entered into the database and will appear as part of your graduation documents).

The container must be digitally signed by your supervisor,  this confirms that your thesis is ready to be submitted. If you do not have a valid ID card and cannot create and sign the container, ask your supervisor to create and sign it.

The Tallinn University School of Humanities demands the confirmation of authorship: on the next page after the title page the author of the thesis must have a confirmation that all the sources have been appropriately referenced and quoted. The text that must be used:

“I hereby confirm that I am the sole author of the thesis submitted. All the works and conceptual viewpoints by other authors that I have used, as well as data deriving from sources have been appropriately attributed.”


Graduation Exam

Graduation Exam
The aim of the graduation exam is to show that you have acquired and mastered the subject related knowledge and skills you have accumulated during your BA studies and you are able to apply this knowledge. The graduation exam also enables to show research and analytical skills in the context of a research paper, which should show the mastery of composing coherent and linguistically flawless text.

The requirements to participate at a Graduation Exam
The student has the obligation to familiarize oneself with the contents and requirements of the graduation exam beforehand. The student should individually work through all the materials related to the preparation for the exam. 
The registration for the exam should be submitted in ÕIS no later than 06.01.2022. Please use ‘other type of application’. Additionally, the student must fill in and upload as an attachment with the application the information form.
All the results of the assessments and exams should appear on ÕIS at the latest three working days before the first part of the graduation exam takes place.
To be entered for the exam you must have fulfilled all the requirements of your study programme and you cannot have pending financial obligations to the university.

Thesis defence

The thesis can be defended only when the rest of the curriculum has been fulfilled and all graduation requirements met. All results must be in the database at the latest three days before defence. All the results still pending at the time of submission must be listed on the information form submitted with the thesis.

The external examiner report will be sent to student’s tlu.ee email at the latest one working day before the defence.

The slide show used during the defence must be uploaded at the latest one working day before the defence to the link sent to the student. The name of the file must be the student’s name. During the defence we will provide a computer so that the slide show can be accessed.

Confirming your thesis topic

All MA students must submit their application for confirming their thesis topic by the end of the first year of studies. The application form is here.

Application should preferably be submitted electronically to Maris Peters or brought to her office S-408 by 10th June. Please make sure that all the fields of the application are filled in (including the thesis title in Estonian) and that it is (digitally) signed by the student, the supervisor and the study programme administrator.

The Style Sheet for research papers at the School of Humanities


Defence boards for 2020/21

BA Exam

Liberal Arts in Humanities: Associate Prof. Julia Kuznetski (head), Professor Piret Viires, Associate Prof. Uku Lember, Lecturer Alari Allik, Lecturer Joonas Plaan, Lecturer Natalia Tšuikina.  

Master's Theses

Anthropology (HIANM.HT): Lecturer Marje Ermel (Head), Associate Professor Carlo Cubero, Associate Professor Eeva Kesküla, Lecturer Joonas Plaan
Estonian Studies (EKESM.HT) Professor Piret Viires (Head), Professor Anna Verschik, Associate Professor Luule Epner, Associate Professor Tõnis Saarts, lecturer Lauri Linask
Literature, Visual Culture and Film Studies (HIKVM.HT): Lecturer Teet Teinemaa (Head), Professor Eneken Laanes, Professor Andres Kurg, Lecturer Matthias Jost