Visiting student is a student who has the right to study in another Estonian university. Studying as a visiting student is meant for those students who wish to study specific courses that are not being taught at their home university. Tallinn University students can study as visiting student in other public universities in Estonia.

  • A student who wishes to study as a visiting student in another university has to obtain from the academic unit of his/her specialisation a transfer application, where (s)he needs to indicate the subjects offered by the partner university that he/she wishes to register for. 
  • The student needs to get approval for the choice of subjects from his/her study counsellor and study programme administrator and register the application in Tallinn University Academic Affairs Office.
  • The student concerned has to obtain the host university’s confirmation of his/her application form and register for studies at the host university.
  • After passing an exam or pass/fail assessment, the student will get a document from the host university and present the proof material to his/her academic unit.

PS! Studying as visiting student in another university students must follow the rules and study regulations of the host university. The rules might be different from the ones at Tallinn University.