Tallinn University’s English Language Exam is a proficiency exam designed to assess one’s competence in English. The exam comprises a written paper and an oral interview that test four skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

The level of English will be assessed with reference to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

  • To whom we offer the opportunity to take the exam

International applicants who are planning to study at Tallinn University are required to provide a proof of their English language proficiency.Tallinn University offers applicants from EU/EEA countries to make the English language exam in Tallinn. If the applicant gets the required points and passes the exam, it will give him/her the access to apply for Tallinn University without presenting TOEFL/IELTS or other English language test. We recommend to take the exam for those who are planning to begin studies at Tallinn University.

NB! Students coming from Finland do not have to prove their language proficiency for B2 level if they have at least "cum laude approbatur" in their matriculation certificate.

Students coming from Latvia do not have to prove their language proficiency for B2 level if they have at least grade "A" or "B" in their General Secondary Education Certificate.

Students graduted International Baccalaureate studies with ENGLISH B Level HL at least grade 6 or ENGLISH A Level with at least grade 5 do not have to prove their English proficiency for B2 level.

  • Exam Format

  1.     Reading/language structures (duration 70 minutes)
  2.     Listening and writing (duration 90 minutes)
  3.     Speaking (duration 10 minutes)

Please read more information about the Structure of Foreign Language Proficiency Exam.

  •     Exam Fee

The exam costs 50 euros. After sending in your registration form, you can pay the exam fee by direct bank transfer.

  •     Date, time and location

Date: May 2020

Location: Tallinn University, Narva rd 25, room T-416

NB! You must bring your picture ID (ID card or passport) to the exams. A pen is also needed!