The tenure system professors will be recruited through international competition, in accordance with theEmployment Relations Rules of the Tallinn University (§ 9-20). Selection will follow an open, transparent and merit-based recruitment process that involves the following phases:

Time Activity
20th October 2020 Announcement of the public competition by the rector.
20th January 2021 Deadline of submitting the required application documents.
February 2021 Assessment of compliance with the job requirements of the candidates and shortlisting the best candidates with whom the assessment process is continued, by the Tenure Committee.
March-April 2021 Expert assessments (at least three experts appointed by the Rector) organized by the Election Committee of the relevant school.
April 2021 Public lecturers held by each candidate (occurs online, each lasts 45+15 minutes), and the meetings. The Election Committee of the school, where the elected position is situated, shall contact the candidates to make the agreements of the time, place and topic of the public lecture and the meetings.
May 2021 On the basis of the application documents, the experts’ assessments, the public lecture and the meetings with candidates, the Election Committee of the relevant school shall prepare a conclusion for every candidate, which will be forwarded to the School Council. 
May 2021

The School Council shall provide an opinion on the candidates, which will be forwarded to the Senate together with the counclusion, application documents and the expert assesements. 

May 2021 *

Election of the professors will be held in the Senate. 

The Personnel Office shall contact every candidate concerning the results of the election as soon as possible, but not latest than 2 weeks after the decision.

* Exact date will be published when the schedule of the Senate will be confirmed.