Rakvere College is one of two regional colleges of Tallinn University. Established in 1999, Rakvere College has offered higher education programmes and further training possibilities for the people living in the region as well as outside the borders of the county.  The curricula of the college have changed during the course of time and today Rakvere College provides 2 different bachelor study programmes: Early Childhood Education and Social Pedagogy. Although one third of the students of the College originate from the region, the programmes attract students from all over Estonia.

Rakvere College is proud of its historical building in the old town of Rakvere. The building has been an educational institution for more than 200 years housing schools, kindergartens and higher education establishments and many people that have played an important role in Estonian culture, history or political life, have been studying in this building.

Rakvere is a vibrant and fast developing city with many new and innovative ideas and projects. Plenty of tourist attractions, vivacious cultural life, exciting sports events and exceptional opportunities for leisure time make Rakvere a perfect place to spend one’s college years and pursue an education here.


Contact us:

Tallinn University Rakvere College
Pikk 40
44307 Rakvere

Phone: +372 324 3016
E-mail: rakvere@tlu.ee