Finding suitable accommodation can be sometimes challenging when you are coming to a new country. All new students are responsible themselves for making sure they have the necessary accommodation when entering Estonia for studies. The University can help by indicating the direction as to where to look for a place from.

The University is also mediating the places between dormitories and the students. It should be kept in mind though that applying for a dormitory place does not automatically mean that there is a place available. We will make a waiting list and your name will be added to the waiting list after your documents have been accurately submitted in the online application system and you have received positive feedback from the university. We try to offer a place first to the students who need accommodation confirmation to apply for a visa / residence permit.

There are two waiting lists - one for exchange students and one for degree students. The waiting lists are updated continuously - for example, if one exchange student leaves, the vacant place is offered to the next exchange student on the waiting list. If you do not accept the place, you are removed from the waiting list, or put to the end of the list in case you wish a place in another dormitory. The waiting lists are public and you can find yourself on the list by checking your birth date and gender.

Waiting list for exchange students, contact person Ms Ingrid Hinojosa (

If you are an exchange student staying for the entire academic year and you did not get a place in the dormitory in the autumn, please send an email to by November 1 if you still wish to stay in a dormitory during the spring semester. We will then keep your name on the waiting list and you have a better chance of getting a place. 

Waiting list for degree students, contact person Ms Triin Adamson (

The places in the dormitories are limited and therefore not all the students can be accommodated in the dormitories. A lot of them use private housing options.

There are several alternatives for arranging accommodation during your studies at Tallinn University.

Tallinn University Dormitory

Address: Karu Street 17 (on the main campus of Tallinn University - behind Terra building of Tallinn University - in the city center).

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Private Room or Flat

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