Doctoral students shall have the right to apply for the scholarship once during the academic year, the deadline for submitting the application shall be 1 November. The signed application form shall be submitted to the Academic Affairs Office ( or T-213).

Doctoral students of Tallinn University shall have the right to apply for the scholarship, provided:

  • they are citizens of Estonia or residing in Estonia on the basis of a long-term or temporary residence permit or permanent or temporary right of residence or staying in Estonia on the basis of a visa, or visa-free in the cases where a treaty for visa-free travel has been established or in the case of waiver of the visa requirements and have applied for temporary residence permit for studies;
  • they have been matriculated between academic years 2014/2015 and 2018/2019;
  • they are full-time students;
  • they are not on academic leave;
  • their topic of dissertation is related to at least one smart specialisation growth area;
  • they have not been granted and are not paid a Doctoral scholarship within the framework of Dora Plus sub-action 2.1.;
  • they are currently abroad for a study mobility and, as of the calendar month which follows the month the student returns from studies abroad, not more than 4 semesters of studies have passed from the semester (included) the Doctoral student was immatriculated.

Doctoral students shall commence their scholarship-supported studies no later than the academic year following the matriculation.

These areas are:

  • information and communication technologies (ICT) related to other areas of economy (e. g. cybersecurity, software development or the use of ICT for automating industrial processes);
  • health technologies and services (e. g. the use of biotechnology or IT for the development of medical services or products);
  • more effective use of resources (e. g. entrepreneurs active in the areas of materials science or industry, endeavour to identify innovative construction options or seek opportunities for the more effective utilisation of oil shale in the chemical industry).

Requirements and Procedure for the Application, Granting and Payment of Doctoral Speciality Scholarships in Smart Specialisation Growth Areas