Science Communication Course


Science Communication Course

Science Communication Course


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Science Communication Course

to support the development of practical skills for successful public communication of science (or relevant expert field).

Learning outcomes:
-    Will understand the importance of science communication;
-    Is aware of the specifics of science communication; 
-    Knows how to use different science communication formats;
-    Is able to present complicated topics to the public in an comprehendible way.

Dates: 24.01.-26.01.2019 and 07.02.2019 
Place: Nelijärve Holiday Centre, Nelijärve 4, Aegviidu 
Transfer: Organized Lux Charter bus from Tallinn University and back 
Course volume : 2 EAP, contact hours: 24, independent work approximately: 12
Lecturer: Arko Olesk, Lecturer of Science Communication 
Target group: PhD Students and Supervisors (including international)
Size of group: 20.

16.00 – Departure from Tallinn University to Nelijärve
18.00 – Social introduction
19.00 – Dinner

- Introduction to science communication
- Principles of popular science writing
- Analysis of science communication examples

- Formats of science communication
- Target groups analysis & message formulation
- Impact workshop

Home assignment:
Prepare a presentation of one’s own research topic in a 3-minute public presentation format (FameLab style).

07.02.2019 (Tallinn University, room A-018)
09:00 – 15:30
- Presentation and analysis of home assignments
- Introduction to media relations and social media
- Closing and summary

Exam evaluation criteria or minimum level necessary to pass  assessment:
To pass the course, the student will have to participate on all three days and complete the assignment.