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Tallinn University has more than 40 years of experience in training. Thus, we are the oldest and one of the largest continuing education organization in Estonia. Every year, more than 15,000 continuing education learners attend different trainings in the university. Trainings are offered to leaders and specialists, young people of different ages, teachers, international students and the wider public. The field of continuing education in Tallinn University is coordinated by the Open Academy.

Public trainings and tailor-made trainings

Open Academy offers public trainings and tailor-made trainings by the university’s five focus fields (educational innovation, digital and media culture, cultural competences, healthy and sustainable lifestyle, society and open governance) to the organisations.

Public trainings are listed in the training calendar and open to all those who are interested. The aim of tailor-made trainings is to offer the client a training solution that is based especially on his/her needs. In order to guarantee the purposefulness and quality of the training, we will clarify the development need of the client, find suitable development partners and develop an offer that matches the needs and agreements. 

To receive an offer or additional information, please send an email to or call +372 6409 379. In order to contact the training manager of a suitable focus field for you, see the contacts in the network of training managers.

Name Focus field Telephone/e-mail  
Elina Tahvel cultural competences +372 640 9289, 509 0216
MarleenAllemann society and open governance +372 6409 456
Katrin Sigijane digital and media culture (media, film, arts) +372 619 9908
Pirje Jürgens digital and media culture (informatics, information science) +372 640 9428
Katrin Soidra-Zujev healthy and sustainable lifestyle +372 639 1751
Kätlin Vanari educational innovation +372 619 9856
Riina Stahl educational innovation (youth work, andragogy, special education) +372 619 9774
Heli Kaldas healthy and sustainable lifestyle (Tallinn University Haapsalu College) +372 472 0249

Open learning and  one year programme Experience University

Open Academy coordinates also open learning and one year programme Experience University. 

Tallinn University offers open learning for all those who wish to carry their university studies through at their own pace, complete unfinished studies or simply update their knowledge.

A Year in the University constitutes an integral offer of open learning for all who are interested in self-improvement, and it suits an adult who is looking for a meaningful and serious alternative to what is on offer on the training market. It is a training opportunity for a learner wishing for a more flexible study load, or for a person still looking for his/her speciality. 

Contact person: Marge Kõrvits, +372 6409 139,

Student Academy and Children’s Film School

Tallinn University offers an opportunity for the young people to attend the Student Academy and Children’s Film School. 

High school and vocational school pupils face a choice: should they continue studies in the university, which speciality to choose? To provide support in making a decision, we have created possibilities to participate in the university life. All curious high school and vocational school kids are welcome to the Student Academy. Courses are given by the lecturers of Tallinn University as well as by best experts of many fields from outside the university.

Contact person: Terttu Maastik +372 640 9369,

The aim of Children’s Film School of BFM is to develop creativity, visual reading skills and media awareness of children through teaching of values and digital culture. Studying takes place through play and by the method of small practical tasks through discovery.

Contact person: Katrin Kuusik, +372 6199 908,

Summer and Winter Schools

Tallinn University has developed a tradition of holding international summer and winter academies. Every year, the number of participants increases. In the past few years, there has been more than 300 participants and learners have gathered from more than 40-50 countries. Summer and winter academies are meant for international students, but welcome also Estonian enthusiasts. Teaching and learning takes place in English.

International summer academy Tallinn Summer School takes place as of the year 2006. It offers a three-week programme including language courses, creative workshops and various courses in the fields of educational sciences, IT and humanities and social sciences. In addition, one can participate in diverse cultural programme, public lectures take place as well as field trips to different locations in Estonia.

International winter academy Tallinn Winter School was first held in 2010. This is an event with less courses and smaller number of participants than those of the summer academy.

Contact person: Birgit Kirsimägi, +372 6409 218,

Teachers’ Academy

In order to improve the competencies of education leaders and teachers, Teachers’ Academy Centre for Innovation in Education in Tallinn University offers different training opportunities (incl development programmes, public courses, internal trainings, supervision/coaching, workshops, seminars, clubs, summer school).

Internationally recognized exams and English courses in Tallinn University

Open Academy’s Centre for International Examinations administrates different British exams which have been developed by British examination centres and recognised internationally. Official authorisation was given in autumn 2008, thus, the centre has seven years of experience of organising examinations in Tallinn University. We also administer qualification examinations for Spanish, Italian and Swedish languages.

Detailed information on internationally recognised examinations for the English language

Tallinn University Centre for International Examinations (CIE) will offer the following courses in January 2018:

B1 English  (Cambridge English: Preliminary)
B2 English (Cambridge English: First)
C1 English (Cambridge English: Advanced)
IELTS preparation course
A1 Russian
(language of instruction - Estonian)
A2.1 Spanish  (language of instruction – English)
A2.1 Italian  (language of instruction – English)

Contact person: Gerdel-Gris Sibrik, +372 6409 360,