Tallinn is the first point of entry to Estonia for most visitors, Tallinn city centre is never more than 15-minutes drive away regardless of if you happen to arrive by plane, train, coach or ferry. Tallinn Airport is a mere 10-minute tram or car ride from the city centre and the harbour is walking distance from the Old Town. When in Tallinn, don’t be afraid to travel on foot – everything is close and the way is wounderful.

Tallinn Airport

Flights from Helsinki, Stockholm, Riga, Vilnius, London, Milan, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Copenhagen, Dusseldorf, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Minsk, Moscow, Munich, Oslo, Paphos, Vienna, Warsaw.

While Tallinn Airport will never be the largest airport in the world, then it certainly strives to be one of the best airports in the world. The whole airport's design and its many features follow a simple philosophy – to be the cosiest airport. This is an experience for all senses and is evident in the multitude of minute details, with close attention paid to ensuring the passenger's well-being throughout the entire stay at the airport.

Tallinn Airport's wifi connection has been deemed as the best among European airports and second best in the world, according to wifi access portal RottenWiFi. Free internet access is available throughout the airport terminal and is completely free of charge. There are plenty of charging points scattered around the different gates, each with their own unique style and furniture. The entire airport is a great place for catching up with your e-mails or making those last-minute conference calls before boarding.

Tallinn Coach Station

Located in 7 minutes drive from Tallinn City center, the coah station offers comfortable buses to Riga, Vilnius. Travelling by bus our personal experience would recommend You to use LUXExpress (https://www.luxexpress.eu/en/) for a comfortable and smooth journey.

Public transportation in Tallinn

Public transportation in Tallinn is by buses, trams and trolley buses. Tickets are sold by the driver upon entering. Both paper tickets and rechargeable smart cards are available also from the R-Kiosk in the Passenger Terminal. The ticket costs 2 EUR when bought from the driver and will grant you the right for one ride; prices are cheaper with smart cards. See webpage for more details on smartcards. You can also buy ticket by mobile phone, more details HERE.

Timetable is available HERE.

PS! You can also buy a 24h ticket that costs €3, but you will need a Smartcard for that, which can be bought from R-kiosks by the terminal. More information about public transport can be found HERE.


Cost of taxi is approximately 0, 89 EUR /per kilometre + starting fare 3,85 EUR. Most of the taxis do not accept payments by card.

Recommended companies are:

Tallink takso, phone +372 6408 921 (card payments accepted)

Tulika takso, phone +372 6120 000 (card payments accepted)

The taxi fares may slightly vary depending on the traffic and company. Please note that most of the taxies accept only cash payments, therefore you should change some money in advance, or do it at the currency exchange points (there are exchange points at the airport and at the harbour).

Visa information

A valid passport is required to enter Estonia. Please make sure that your passport is valid until at least 3 months after your departure date from Estonia. Citizens of European Union countries do not need a visa to enter Estonia. Check the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website if you are in any doubt. There you will find the latest information about visas and details of Estonian embassies abroad, where they can be obtained.

Please, check your visa requirements before traveling to Tallinn: 
If you need an invitation to obtain a visa, please contact Conference Centre (conference@tlu.ee) before May 31, 2021.