Mayra Lynn Assink

I chose the Literature, Visual Culture and Film Studies MA Programme for its wide and interdisciplinary approach. I wanted to find an international MA that combined Film and Literature and I have been given a programme that does this and more. Now, when people ask me what I study, I tell them that I study narratives in all their forms and beyond the act of writing. Especially critical analysis, close reading and creativity are emphasised. My favourite courses are the seminars in which we as students team up with a professor and emerge ourselves in the field they are doing research on. This not only brings a lot of knowledge together but also gives you the confidence to continue research in the field that you find interesting. I would definitely recommend this programme to anyone who has an interest in an international research environment and who is keen to learn more about the way any kind of narrative emerges.




Margherita Marchetti 

As a curious person, I always felt the need to expand my knowledge, to investigate concepts and to express my own point of view on them. I could not think of specializing in just one branch of cultural studies without feeling I was missing out on all the rest. When I first read the name of this program, I thought "this is the one for me." Does it sound too naïve? Well, it was. And, in a sense, it still is. This program was the right place for me to develop my critical thinking and to learn to express myself through academic, yet personal and creative writing. Do you know the story about Academia that put you in boxes? Well, it is definitely not about this program. During my studies I always felt supported by teachers in my personal research; I have been encouraged to deeply investigate cultural materials and to express my perspective on them. This program creates the space for brilliant discussions concerning cultural academic topics, through the comparative analysis of literary, visual and audiovisual material. Sometimes it is challenging, but it is always worth it. 
I would recommend this program to anybody who wants to gain a relevant cultural knowledge, and who is searching for a stimulating, international cultural environment.