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Breakthroughs in Cultural Psychology

Edited by Jaan Valsiner and Marek Tamm

Authors: Svend Brinkmann, Nandita Chaudhary, Vladimer Lado Gamsakhurdia, Vlad-Petre Glăveanu, Sven Hroar Klempe,
Giuseppina Marsico, Alberto Rosa, Sergio Salvatore, Tatsuya Sato, Danilo Silva Guimarães, Marek Tamm, Luca Tateo, Rama Charan Tripathi, Jaan Valsiner, Brady Wagoner, Tania Zittoun

Raamat sarjast ACTA Universitatis Tallinnensis

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Kõrgus 230mm
Laius 150mm
Kaal 400g
ISBN 978-9985-58-962-5
Lehekülgi 392 lk
Köide Pehme köide
Ilmumisaasta 2024

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Cultural psychology is a new synthetic field of knowledge within the social sciences of the 21st century. It brings together psychology – developmental and social psychology in particular – with cultural history, anthropology, ethnography, art, music, semiotics, and sociology. The scientific focus of cultural psychology is on the realm of meaningful human experiences. This volume features a collection of unique personal narratives from leading scientists worldwide, highlighting the development of key ideas that are advancing the field. It serves as an essential resource for scholars, practitioners, and students alike.

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