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ASSIGNMENT 1: Collaborative Group Assignment on Leadership

The result of the collaborative group work will be a paper and presentation to the class.

1. Get together in small study groups of five.

2. Please find an example in the media of one person you feel is a great leader. Then write a paper on why you feel that person is a great leader and what principles he/she applies to lead others. Please give your evaluation of this person as a leader. Summary of this leader's life and impact on the world.

3. Each group meets regularly using preferred social software to discuss the points covered in their group work.

4. Each group prepares a paper of 5500-7500 characters in the Group portfolio created by the tutor and a summary for presentation to the class (virtually or face-to-face): 20-25 minutes presentation followed by15 minutes Question & Answer session.


Sirje Virkus, Tallinn University, 2009