The situational approach to leadership is based on the assumption that each instance of leadership is different. Situational leadership classifies leadership into four styles: S1 - high directive-low supportive, S2 - high directive-high supportive, S3 - low directive-high supportive and S4 - low directive-low supportive.

The situational leadership (SLII) model describes how each of the four leadership styles applies to subordinates who work at different levels of development: D1 - low in competence and high in commitment, D2 - moderately competent and low in commitment, D3 - moderately competent but lacking commitment and D4 - great deal of competence and a high degree of commitment.

To achieve the effective leadership the leader should diagnose the development level of subordinates in a task situation and exhibit the prescribed leadership style that matches that situation

Sirje Virkus, Tallinn University, 2009