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6th scientific conference for BA, MA and PhD students
The Changing Face of Music and Art Education:
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Inspiration and improvisation
Tallinn University, April, 18–19, 2013

VI Rahvusvaheline kraadiõppurite konverents 

Muusika- ja kunstiharidus muutumises: Eile, täna, homme
Inspiratsioon ja improvisatsioon
Tallinna Ülikool, 18.-19.04.2013





Before the courses and conference

Information was retrieved mainly through mailing list (29%), CFMAE conference homepage (29%) and from colleagues (29%).

Information was found mainly via the email list (30%) and through the conference website (25%). Another way to obtain information was through TLU website and fellow students (both 15%).

MPC, MIC courses and eLearning workshop

General feedback was positive (including judging improvisation as a topic).

Keep on going!”

Concerning MIC nature sounds, teaching of improvisation as well as music therapy approach were found to be good examples of the diversity of the topic. For musicians and students would have been much more interesting to do more practical things, especially in the field of improvisation.

The lectures of MPC were received well and the importance of internationality was underlined. Lecturers should have good presenting skills. The themes of lectures should be less complicated as well as less sophisticated-specific to be comprehensible for a larger audience during a long days.

The overall impression of organizing courses was good. The following was highlighted as positive: the opportunity to have discussion with all lecturers, e-Learning workshop; inspiring presentations by lecturers and the ability to talk interestingly about their work and field of research. Sometimes it was due speaker’s accent or passive way of delivering a lecture difficult to understand what was said. In the future, on the one hand participants wanted more same direction approach inside one course, but also highlighted the versatility and (brief) introduction to different topics as a value.

Conference CFMAEYTT2013

Very well organized.”

Enjoyed being there.”

Hope to be there again.”

General impression of organisation of the conference was judged generally positively including organizers taking care of the participants.

The organizing was clear and calm. The musical performances were enjoyable and an attractive addition. The overall feeling of positive attitude was ensuring. As a unique characteristic of CFMAEYTT2013 was pointed out that it is a small conference, which enables all presenters to meet with each other. Even though the conference can and should get bigger and attract more attention internationally, at the same time this characteristic should be kept intact as much as possible.

The schedule would be important as a hard copy as well as presenters’ abstracts proceedings. Some of the keynote speakers should have been more on the conference subject. But they were still a learning experience. Music and gender in the Kindergarten was pointed out as bright and inspiring topic. It would be nice if presenters could have more opportunity to meet and somehow interact more with the students. The conference has a certain kind of format which works.

Participants had a positive impression about the conference, too. They encouraged to continue with Estonian- and parallel sessions. They appreciated the placement of keynote presentations in the schedule that did not overlap with any other presentation, as well as the international guests. The opportunity to hear research presentations by Estonian students were seen as an important part also in the following conferences. Participants were satisfied with the expansion of the conference’s field of interest beyond mere music and proposed to organize more workshops in the future, which would allow a more practical approach. The resounding need to get the minimal/summary reports translated into Estonian and/or paper abstracts was articulated, which would facilitate understanding of the content of the presentations. The days were quite long and intense, which has raised the need for more time planning for the breaks in future.



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