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Please read the following articles:
Miller, F. J. (2002). I = 0 (Information has no intrinsic meaning). Information Research, 8 (1), paper no. 140 [Available at]
Bouthillier, F. and Shearer, K. (2002). Understanding knowledge management and information management: the need for an empirical perspective. Information Research, 8 (1), paper no. 141 [Available at]
Hildreth, P. J. & Kimble, C. (2002). The duality of knowledge. Information Research, 8 (1), paper no. 142 [Available at]
Wilson, T. D. (2002). The nonsense of 'knowledge management". Information Research, 8 (1), paper no. 144 [Available at]
Ponzi, L. and Koenig, M (2002). Knowledge management: another management fad? Information Research, 8 (1), paper no. 145 [Available at]

2) Please analyse each article according to the following guidelines:

  • What are the main ideas in this article?
  • What kind of approaches to information management and knowledge management the author describes?
  • What is the relationship between information management and knowledge management?
  • What are the main conclusions, recommendations and lessons learned?
  • What methods are used to reach those conclusions?

3) Please present short summaries in your personal blog.


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