About this Learning Object

This learning object "Leadership versus Management and Emerged Leadership" is designed to introduce international students of the Digital Library Learning programme to the discussions of leadership versus management and emerged leadership issues.

This learning object was developed by Sirje Virkus within the Human Resource Management Module of the Digital Library Learning Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Course in spring 2009.

This learning object has 20 hours of study time and it consists of:

  • Text-based and multimedia-based study materials
  • Study Guide
  • Assignments
  • References
  • Useful Links

Technical Requirements: no special software is required, only flash player (download Adobe Flash Player) is needed.

This learning object consists of the following topics:

  • Views on Leadership and Management
  • Leadership Versus Management
    • Warren Bennis and Bert Nanus' Approach
    • John Paul Kotter's Approach
    • Joseph C. Rost's Approach
    • Richard H.G. Field's Approach
    • Comparison of Different Approaches
  • Assigned versus Emergent Leadership










Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial No Derivatives 3.0 License

Sirje Virkus, Tallinn University, 2009