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ASSIGNMENT 1: Collaborative Group Assignment on Leadership

The result of the collaborative group work will be a paper and presentation to the class.

1. Get together in small study groups of five.

2. Please find an example in the media of one person you feel is a great leader. Then write a paper on why you feel that person is a great leader and what principles he/she applies to lead others. 

3. Each group meets regularly using preferred social software to discuss the points covered in their group work.

4. Each group prepares a paper of 2500-3000 characters in the Group portfolio created by the tutor and a summary for presentation to the class (virtually or face-to-face): 20-25 minutes presentation followed by15 minutes Question & Answer session.


ASSIGNMENT 2: Individual Assignment on Management

The result of the individual work will be an essay.

1. Please find an example of one person in the real life you feel is a great manager. Then write a short essay (1000 words) on why you feel that person is a great manager and what principles he/she applies to manage others. Please give your evaluation of this person as a manager. Give a summary of this manager's contribution to the success of the organization.

2. Publish your essay in your personal Portfolio.




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