Please read the following articles:

  • Baiyin Yang, Wei Zheng and Chris Viere (2009). Holistic Views of Knowledge Management Models. Advances in Developing Human Resources, 11, pp. 273-289.
  • Rodney McAdam and Sandra McCreedy (1999). A critical review of knowledge management models. The Learning Organization, 6 (3), pp. 91-100.
  • Stephen Gourlay. The SECI model of knowledge creation: some empirical shortcomings.

2) Please analyse these articles according to the following guidelines:

  • What are the main ideas in this article?
  • What kind of models to information management and knowledge management the author describes?
  • What are the main conclusions, recommendations and lessons learned?
  • What methods are used to reach those conclusions?

3) Please add a short summaries of these articles in your personal blog.

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