The Boisot I-Space KM Model page 2

Knowledge assets at the opposite extreme of the I-Space (least abstract, least codified and most diffused) have the highest level of entropy; therefore, have the least potential for performing value-adding work. Organization pursuing competitive advantage needs to move their knowledge assets into the region of minimum entropy. An important aspect of SLC is the recognition of the elusive and dynamic nature of knowledge. It means that data is filtered to produce meaningful information and this information is then abstracted and codified to produce useful knowledge. Consequently, knowledge is applied in diverse situations, hence produces new experiences that produces data for a new cycle of knowledge creation (

Another important conjecture of Boisot's model is that it considers organizations as living organisms. Their process of growing and developing knowledge assets within organizations is always changing. This means that organizations need to adopt a dynamic KM strategy which accommodates the dynamicity of the organizational learning cycle (


Think a minute: What do you consider to be the strongest and weakest features of theBoisot I-Space KM model?

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