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2011: International Scientific Conference for BA, MA and PhD Students
The Changing Face of Music and Art Education: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (CFMAEYTT)

The 4th scientific conference for MA and PhD students CFMAEYTT2011 takes place on APRIL 19–21, 2011 at Tallinn University. During these days there are sessions and discussions (in English, Russian and in Estonian) as well as the possibility to introduce with music studies in TLU - attend different classes or courses. The conference is open for presentations of other fields of art, art education, interdisciplinary and intercultural research. In collaboration with the conference there take place 4th Music Psychology Course (MPC2011) and 1st Teacher Training Seminar “Creativity and assessment: research-based teacher training in arts education” (TTS2011).

This change of title is connected with the joining of both the big conference CFME and the small graduate conference MEYTT under one umbrella „The Changing Face of Music education“. Further it is connected with establishing a peer-review journal with international editorial board “The Changing Face of Music and Art Education” which collocates the publication series compiled on material of the earlier conferences under one embrazing moto and title.

The aim of the conference is to popularize the music and different arts pedagogics, creative-analytic and psychological orientations to TLU students as well as to the national and international stage. For the first time there is an integrated teacher training seminar “Creativity and assessment: research-based teacher training in arts education”, which aims to discuss the role of teacher training in arts education. Aim of the seminar and the conference is to gather researchers and teachers. Also it is important to offer students a professional environment within they can collect the accounts as their own experiences as a foreign language presentations and publishing articles. This will allow the students and their supervisors to get closer to high-quality science and thus ensures the next generation. Before mentioned conference which is open to a broad audience, helps to popularize the research in arts in general.

ISBN: 978-9949-463-87-9
ISBN: 978-9949-463-88-6 (Online, PDF)

CFMAEYTT2011 Proceedings (read only)


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