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Editorial October 2010

Dear reader!

This webpage has been established to concentrate and make visible the scientific activity of the Department of Music of the Institute of Fine Arts of Tallinn University. The webpage's title and main goal expresses how important it is to make available research activity through highly leveled publishing. Especially in times where journals with international editorial board and peer-review process become more and more important for scientific quality ensurance within national and international frameworks there is a need for an international Journal for the field of Music and Art Education in Estonia.

Both this website and the Journal are still in a process of development, but include already enough information to guide the reader towards the most important events related to each other. The most driving force behind the Journal are international conferences held since 2004. Their papers and abstract are chosen and issued under a review process with an international committee which is the most important condition for being sustainable and highly rated. Although the conferences had different names (The Changing Face of Music Education CFME 2004 and 2009, and Music Education Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow MEYTT 2007, 2008 and 2010) they where still united: beside by the organizers team of the TLU Department of Music and in person of initiator associated professor and head of department Tiina Selke also by the same logo and the main idea, that music education is constantly in flow, it's changing face can be traced back in history (yesterday), shape the contemporary development (today) and will affect the future (tomorrow). For this reason we decided to express this unity in future also in a common title without loosing the individual features and ideas behind the initially congress forum of CFME and the supporting character of young scholar's graduate student conference MEYTT.

Therefor, and following the tradition established since 2004 and 2007, our scientific activity both in organizing meetings and publishing will be subsumed further under the moto The Changing Face of Education. Additionally we take into account the general development toward inter- and transdisciplinary research and see our object of research as being opened up to educational matters of all arts including music, fine arts, dance, creativity research. This reflects also the fact that the Department of Music is part of and in collaboration with the TLU Institute of Fine Arts which includes all the fields of art and arts research mentioned before. The name of als well the Journal as also the conferences will be The Changing Face of Music and Art Education and we hope that in future we are able to print the A in CFMAE also bold as being equally important to music.

As a third column of presenting and popularizing music education and its research functiones the Music Psychology Course with internationally reknown lecturers which traditionally takes place before the conferences.

The articles issued in the CFMAE Journal will be chosen under a peer-review process partly from the conference papers but will also be compiled under seperate thematic aspects with invited and open contributions.

Editors of CFMAE
Tiina Selke (Head of Music Department, editor-in-chief)
Gerhard Lock (managing editor)
Marit Mõistlik (coordinating editor)
Paul Beaudoin (english language editor)

Editorial April 2011

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The Changing Face of Music and Art Education: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow 2012
The Changing Face of Music and Art Education: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow 2011
Music Education Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow 2007, 2008, 2010
The Changing Face of Music Education 2004, 2009

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